Saturday, February 4, 2017

Movin on...Glassblowing: A sport or activity?


Happy Saturday! I have lots to do beginning with boot camp. Yep, I weighed myself yesterday, which I loathe and gained one pound. Tink beat me. She gained two. Anyway, I have to go and sweat it off before the next weigh in.

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Tomorrow is another big day. As I mentioned, I do not have a bucket list, since I basically do anything I want (within reason). However, a good friend, Sapphire has been helping her husband battle the big C. He is a young man and lately their lives have circled around the fight, his diagnosis, scans, and chemo. This is a tough way to live....just ask BP Grandmom and Big Sis. Although, he has a positive prognosis and lots of family and friends sending good vibes.

Anyway, as we sat at Wegmans munching on sushi (yes, sushi...I am trying to lose weight) and chocolate chip cookies (yeah, I know...biggest about biggest chum?), Doc  and I tried to think of something to keep Sapphire positive by coming up with things that were unique to do.

Here is our list:
1. glassblowing
2. learning to play the guitar
3. pottery classes.

That's the extent of the list for now. We have to stay local since she has to be close to home.

Tomorrow, we achieve activity 1....glassblowing. It is an all day affair with a small class and a master glassblower teaching us the ropes of blowing into a tube near an open flame. Perhaps I should borrow the Big Kid's inhaler before the class. Anyway, we are supposed to make 4 items before the end of the day. My thought is that my glass designs will land up looking and being paper weights. Tink thinks I should blow a swan.
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A swan? Uh Tink, this is me you are referring to....BP mom...who does not have one creative bone in her body let alone the capability of creating a glass swan with my breath and some fire. Let's shoot from the kiddie about a glass rock? a glass ball? A glass blob? If I were to blow a swan, I would quit my job and focus my talents on blowing swans and selling them at flea markets. However, I can tell you right now, several siblings will be getting custom made paper weights for their birthdays.Image result for glass blowing gif

Anyway, it is time for me to run. More about my foray into glass blowing.Image result for glass blowing gif


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