Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Ball

Good morning! I'm back as a mother and blogging again. There is so much going on, I will start at the beginning.

AS you know, I resigned as BP mom last week when my son threw me under the bus (so to say) when he refused to do anything about the famous 33 year old sofa. As of this moment, it remains in storage and I am still peeved, yet, I am going to create a list of items that I am paying for due to his neglect and hand it to him when he gets his first paying job. After all, I can't continue to hold a grudge about a sofa. Let's get real. It was a test and he did not pass, so I know that I have more to do as a parent to launch him into this vast, crazy world of ours. I can't give up now.

So, whazzup? Since I have had only a few sporadic conversations with him, I can tell you a few interesting tidbits. First, another senior was named pitching captain. Perhaps this bugs him a bit...maybe not. He  does not need the stress of appeasing coaches and players. However...get this....two weeks ago, our new captain failed his drug test.

What a better way to show faith in a person who is taking drugs by naming him captain of a team? Hmmmm....right?

Next....the pitching coach has somewhat mellowed....he mentioned to the big lefty that he could be an All American if he pulled his head out of his A#$@&*. He replied, "Coach, I'm pushing..." With that said, the Coach screamed, "I told you to pull it out!"

Ahh...that's right. We are back in the throes of nastiness again. He is crushing the opposition in fall ball. Seventy percent of his first pitches were strikes. He has the most Ks, lowest earned run average, and fewest walks. OK, the summer in Springfield can now be construed as successful.

Although he is doing well, he cannot understand why the coaches are still screaming at him. Until...the voice of reason came from Hawk. His response was that they expect more out of him. Oh, that makes sense, right? Right.

Sorry, but I have to go's like one of my tennis coaches....he throws his racquet when I screw up. His face gets contorted and he acts like I am such a loser. I like it. It means that he expects me to perform better and to be more of a champion. If I could not do it, then he would not care. In fact, he told me not to try to win, but to try to demolish my competition.

Demolish is a devilish word, don't you think? I really don't have that trait in me anymore. I gave it up when I graduated from college. Although, last week I played a match with the Counselor. We did technically demolish the opponents. As we shook hands, they said " we played poorly....we did not have our games..." This bugged me. Why couldn't they say "good match, you were the better team". Nope, many of these women blame their poor play on a bad day rather than their opponents being better than them. It's a fragile ego thing going on in the world of women's tennis. Sheesh, time to get a grip, right gang?

OK, I gotta run...lots to do...not much time to do it. Next week, my fall kicks in as I begin to pick up more classes.


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