Monday, August 4, 2014

Rubber meets the road

Friday afternoon 
Got the airplane tickets for Sunday at 6 am. I do believe that this is going to actually happen and I will be able to make my way to Illinois...then return home again by driving along the interstate. The ride home seems to be 12 hours and change per Mapquest. Can we do this type of driving in a day? Perhaps......Probably....Do I want to drive in one day? Perhaps......Probably.....My thoughts are that the car is going to stink with sweaty clothes and dirty cleats. This type of aroma can give a girl a headache or ten....

The sits in a locker somewhere.....with his other stuff.....

Where is he going to live in September?

Answer: Who knows

What courses will he take at school?

Answer: No one knows

How will he pay for this last/fifth year in college?

Answer: God knows.....perhaps He should open up the heavenly vault...'cause we don't have it here....Dad swears  that he is done paying for college. He wants the big kid to act 'manly' and 'man up' and share with him his plan for success. It is obvious that the big plan for success in Illinois has absolutely nothing to do with the big guy's future...

Now here comes another question.....

What has he been doing all summer? He did not work...complete his internship......nothing.....he did work home for Yoda to check on his south to attend a family funeral.....but what has he done of substance? I don't know. But my mantra is "failing to plan is planning to fail...." Just sayin'

Monday morning

Ok, we made it to Illinois through Philly, Detroit, and St. Louis. Late Saturday night, I got a call...."Mom, I am not pitching tomorrow night."

Huh? What? Seriously? I just bought airplane tickets (non refundable) to Missouri. This is not a trip that I would normally take unless I had to. In fact, if I had my druthers, my tickets would be for an isolated Hawaiian beach and not St.Louis, but the things that we do for people that we love far exceed the boundaries of common sense.

So, when are you going to pitch?

"Monday night.You see, there will be a scout in the stands looking at the other pitcher and the coach wanted me on the mound so that he could see me too." Makes sense....Dad is going to have to change his return  ticket to Tuesday morning....$$$$

Nonetheless, this is pretty darn exciting....and now it is here. The scout...yes, the guy who we have been waiting the stands...watching the boy on the mound throwing 90's. A dream come true....yet....could this turn out to be a nightmare? What if he out thinks himself? What if he lets his emotions take over? What if he has a really bad game? OYE!

Now, I am what to do? Well, I have a craving for Skittles again (sorry Beast, I tried to eliminate this habit) but I have to go back to what has worked in the past. So, let's see....Skittles.....check...rosary...check....lucky 'em......prayers....ongoing.....gotta sit on the right side of the stadium....check......deep yoga breathing......zen out.....ready......

And now, here we go.....

I will not be able to post until we get home unless I have a computer tomorrow....just in case....fingers, toes, and eyes crossed...say a prayer for peace and calm....he's ready to sign folks. He does not have a place to live in the fall......wouldn't is be nice if he could have his dream come true now and not next June?

By the way, whatever happens, either good or bad, does not matter. What is in the cards for the future has to be amazing. After all, he has all the tools necessary (except the sofa thing) to make it in our world. Let's all sit back and watch.....


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