Thursday, July 4, 2013

Woo Wooooooo

Happy 4th of July! Finally the rain has stopped in our region and the heat is beginning to simmer...may I's gonna be a hot one...muggy.....humid....perfect for the annual family celebration at Dr. G's house.

Yesterday, BP Grandmom, Grandpop, Uncle C., Tink and I spent the day in the kitchen preparing for the party. There is quite a lot of preparation when you are throwing a party at someone else's home. Frankly, Dr. G is a busy guy, so we help out in the only way that we the kitchen....and here is what we created for a party of 50+ (all relatives.....)....

Two homemade cakes (one to celebrate Cousin J's 5 year victory over breast cancer)
8 dozen turkey and sirloin burgers
homemade red (ok, actually pink), white and blue peppermint patties
100 pizzelles (Grandpop and Tink did the honors)
homemade (never boxed) lemon squares
pasta salad
hand constructed cookies that look like mini cheese burgers. These are really cute. Here is how you make them:
two vanilla wafers act as the bun
spread bottom of bun with frosting tinted with yellow to look like cheese or mustard
add on keebler grasshopper cookie
on top of keebler cookie, add tinted green coconut to look like lettuce
place the second nilla cookie on top of the coconut
then take a little honey to the top and sprinkle a few sesame seeds.
Besides looking like mini chesseburgers...they are really cute!

We also made marshmallow lollipops dipped in chocolate and topped with red, white, and blue sprinkles (jimmies to us northerners....). I actually got this recipe from the Weight Watchers website. Believe it or not, each lollipop is only 2 points!  Chocolate Covered Marshmallow  Pops

Lastly, to top off our family event, I made woo woos. What are woo woos? Welllll...let me first give you the history of the drink. I come from a very large family....really? Oh yes....very cousins began to marry, we would toast the bride and groom with a shot of woo woos. The cousins would lift the shot to the couple and scream "woo woo" as a blessing.....OK, a bit odd, but we enjoyed it, especially after the woo woo was ingested.

What makes up a woo woo?...cranberry juice (the healthy part), peach schnapps (the cool flavor) and vodka (to amp it up a bit). This drink slides down your throat and does not hit you for a while, then suddenly, you sink to the floor muttering.....woo wooooooo....At one party, I had a drink (Ok, would you believe two?)...brought the woo woos to the table to toast with we made a toast, I threw the woo woo over my shoulder and down my shirt completely missing my mouth. I thought that Sparky would die laughing. Was this God's way of saying..."BPM, you do not need any more alcohol in your system...."

Any way, I will be more cautious today and NOT drink or eat more than I can handle. After all, I am going to count my WW points again beginning tomorrow at midnight (got another party tomorrow night, let's be realistic about my lack of self control).

On to the big kid in Texas...he is loving it and working very hard. I warned him this morning about the scorpions and rattle snakes to which he, he had not thought of them until I brought them up. Isn't this what a a mother is for? Look out for strangers, look both ways when crossing the street, wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, don't drink and drive, no texting when driving, and look out for snakes and scorpions in Texas....hey remember the Bible verse "look out for wolves in sheep's clothing?" Well, all I am saying is look out for snakes in snakes' clothing or skin....whatever you prefer...

And now, I am going to the gym, because I know that today will be non stop eating, sampling, and drinking....

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