Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Change in mechanics

Good morning! What is with this nasty rainy front? I think that there will be an increase in mosquitoes this summer with the pooling

ready for mating season. Ew...A few years ago, we had mosquitoes bigger than quarters. They were all over the yard. Let's just say I am not a fan of the sickly blood suckers.

And who am I a fan of? Yep, that's right...the big leftie. He is not thrilled with his accommodations. There are lots of fights, transients, and arguments there. The walls are also very thin and he can hear everything!  But it is fine for his purposes. He seems to be the oldest guy there. The rest are in high school. I suppose by the time the guys get to his age, they are ready to give up baseball for life. He's not...'nuff said.

The program itself focuses on good mechanics, strength, and flexibility. The directors also explain why they are teaching the players this system. Therefore, they understand the structure and rationale of the program. Now, he will have more to think about on the pitching mound besides striking the next guy out. I really hope that this works for him. Before he left on Sunday, I said to him: "well, let's see what happens. If it works....great...if not, then you can move on to Plan B." Since there is no plan B except for graduating, law school, and finding a big boy job, then my fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed. After all, this is his dream, his passion, his focus for over 17 years. He has eaten, slept, and dreamed about the 'bigs'. Now the rubber hits the road and he either sinks or swims. Wow~ stay tuned!

And so it goes......have a great day!

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